from professionals to professionals

We are architects. That is why we know very well how to be at your side.

For many products in the Pro collections, e.g. B. in the categories of catering, office, hotel, bar or office, automatic volume discounts are calculated.

In addition, we can of course make you an offer according to your wishes. Our digital offers can be converted into an order at the push of a button.

Mostly, size, material or color adjustments are possible with us. We have almost no limits, especially when it comes to wooden furniture, table tops and frames.

After you have set up an account, please send us an email to regarding your needs so that we can make you the offer.

If you would like to serve your end-consumer customers via our webshop, inform us about your business. We will then set a commission rate for you that you can use as a voucher code.

That means, you can look at the desired products with your customer until the end or even put them in the shopping cart. Until you enter your voucher code at checkout, everything works with consumer prices. Even if there are further discounts for consumers on one or more products, your commission remains secure.

We would be happy to design and produce something completely new for you. According to your needs and wishes!

We welcome bulk purchases and middlemen and we expressly support our business partners.

We would be very happy if you see us as a solution provider.