About Us

We are architects and run one Architecture firm in Heidelberg.

For our customers, we have repeatedly selected high-quality furniture and / or designed and manufactured it ourselves. This gave rise to the idea of ​​selling designer furniture online.

As a strict opposition to the "me too" business, we have to answer a very important question: "How do we differentiate ourselves from the existing offers on the market?". We provide the answer with our name: Atelier Gusto.

Workshop, because a studio is the workplace of a creative, for example the workshop of an artist. Of course, a large proportion of the products we offer also come from series production, but they are certainly not the mass products that flood the market.

After extensive research, you may find some, even many, of our products elsewhere. But our selections provide the added value. The number of products we have designed ourselves and of special edition products in our entire product range is increasing daily.

Taste, because we appeal to people with high demands and because of the satisfaction with our products we can enjoy them. Our products are of very high quality, extensive functionality, possibly inexpensive and meet high taste requirements. We know that our visitors prefer pleasant living spaces. With this responsibility, we accompany you on the way to higher enjoyments and look for the appropriate designs and materials.

To put it simply, at Atelier Gusto, architects select the best options for furniture, lifestyle and decorative objects for you and offer them as selections. You get the best of the best according to your needs and wishes.