Advantages and disadvantages of leather furniture

When buying leather furniture, there is a choice of smooth or rough leather. The structure of the leather has a major impact on the durability of the furniture. For this reason, you should think in advance about the purpose for which the leather furniture will be used.

Compared to rough leather, smooth leather is much less sensitive and more robust. It offers a wider range of colors as it is much easier to color. With this type of leather, the skin side of the leather (grain side) is on the outside. This makes the material easier to clean and hard-wearing.

Rough leather always has a velvety and soft surface. It's a bit more sensitive and not as stretchy. This also means that it doesn't wrinkle as quickly. A classic suede sofa is in most cases equipped with a polyurethane seal. This means that the surface is better protected from moisture.

Advantages of leather furniture

Leather upholstery covers are very popular. This is mainly due to the elegant appearance and the robustness of the material. Leather furniture is considered to be very durable.

A big advantage is that leather is easy to clean. Therefore, it can be maintained with relatively little effort.

Leather furniture care

Of course, this material also has some disadvantages. So many people find it difficult to choose between fabric and leather furniture.

The material properties always depend on the desired type of leather. It is therefore very important that you have a clear idea in advance of the requirements you will place on leather furniture.

If you take care of your furniture regularly, you will enjoy it for a long time.

All benefits at a glance

  • longevity
  • timeless design
  • noble look
  • pleasant smell
  • High quality material

    What should be considered when caring for and cleaning leather furniture?

    Regardless of whether it is leather furniture in a classic style or unique pieces in a vintage style: leather is currently very popular. The leather furniture not only feels very pleasant, but also looks classy. The material must be properly cared for so that the beautiful look is retained for a long time.

    Leather is one of the natural products that cannot regenerate itself. After a few years, the material dries out and becomes cracked. Artificial or sunlight can also permanently fade leather.

    Even people's skin fat makes the material look unsightly after a while.

    In light-colored leather furniture, for example, sitting in jeans can cause fine abrasion.

    To look beautiful, leather not only needs grease, but also a little moisture. This keeps it nice and soft and supple. If you only rub the furniture with leather grease, the pores can clog and a light film of grease will remain on the surface.

    The material must therefore be carefully cleaned before maintenance. This frees the pores of dirt and dust. Now the upholstered furniture can better absorb the special care products.

    Caring for leather furniture individually

    In order for the leather furniture to receive the correct care, it is important to determine the type of leather in advance. All types of leather require their own care. As a rule, a distinction is made between smooth and suede leather such as suede, suede and nubuck.

    In a piece of furniture made of smooth leather, the open-pored aniline is a bit more sensitive. Compared to pigmented leather, it is more prone to staining.

    Pigmented leather, on the other hand, has a protective layer and is considered to be more durable.

    You should always clean leather furniture with a lint-free, soft natural fiber cloth. The special care products are only required twice a year.

    A care lotion including a sun protection factor is very suitable for a piece of leather furniture with an intense color.

    What should you pay attention to when buying leather furniture?

    Leather furniture is odor-resistant and is also very suitable for households with pets. Due to the smooth surface, animal hair can be removed very well.

    Leather furniture tools

    A sofa cover can be made of synthetic leather or real leather. Laypeople cannot see any difference at first glance. In comparison to real leather and artificial leather, it is noticeable that artificial leather has no visual restrictions.

    This material has a shorter useful life. Real leather, on the other hand, gives off a pleasant smell. It has an individual grain and is resistant. Leather furniture is available in a variety of variants. The grain and durability of leather furniture depend on the processing and type of leather used.

    Buffalo leather, for example, is very durable and robust due to its coarse pores.

    As a rule, leather sofas are made from cowhide. This material is not quite as large-pored, but cheaper and more robust. It feels pleasantly supple when sitting or lying down. Semi-aniline leather is particularly robust against moisture. It has a natural grain pattern and is only lightly pigmented.

    The classic nappa leather consists of different animal skins such as calf or sheep. This material is also very soft, smooth and full-grain.

    Advantages and disadvantages of leatherette furniture

    Furniture made of artificial leather is always a bit cheaper than models made of leather. The material is made of textile fabric and a plastic cover layer. In addition, the material is given a special grain embossing to match the look of real leather. Synthetic leather is not very maintenance-intensive.

    Many pieces of furniture made of artificial leather are so elegantly made that no difference can be seen at first glance.

    A small disadvantage of artificial leather is that the fabric coating can break if it is of poor quality. This causes cracks and the furniture looks unsightly. The surface of artificial leather is not very breathable, but cannot absorb a lot of moisture.

    Whether you choose a piece of furniture made from real leather or synthetic leather is primarily a question of your wallet and your own taste.

    leather sofa

    What else should you look out for when buying?

    Before making a purchase, you should take your time to look at the furniture you want. You should pay particular attention to good workmanship and quality. Take a look at the padding and suspension.

    Another important purchase criterion is the frame of the furniture. Is it made of stainless steel or wood? Does the desired leather furniture match the existing living room furnishings?

    Also, pay attention to the height of the leather furniture before buying. How easy can you get up from the sofa or armchair?

    Furniture is always a major purchase, so you should take the time to choose the right piece of furniture for your needs.


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