The bistro culture: quality of life in everyday life

Today bistros are firmly anchored in the cityscape of the vast majority of cities. We want to show how people can manage to find a place between home and work and to take a high quality break from stressful everyday life. We will deal with the atmosphere in the bistro as well as the emergence of a tradition and the associated anchoring in the middle of society. Furthermore, we take a look at how the bistronomy trend can provide a space for different occasions that we encounter and need a setting for themselves.

Bistro Cafe, people are sitting at bistro tables

We find time to take a breather in the bistro

We find ourselves in an increasingly fast-moving time and are almost looking for places and opportunities that allow us to switch off and be completely with ourselves. Bistros want to create this space for people who not only want to rush from appointment to appointment, but also gather strength in between to get back to work freshly.

Instead of spending the lunch break in an uncomfortable canteen and standing in line, bistros offer the chance to have light meals or just a nice drink in a relaxed atmosphere. If the break is spent here with your dearest colleagues, then the love that is in every product is valued even more, because it is well known that it is even more enjoyable with people we like.

But not only the break among colleagues can be used to recharge your batteries in the bistro and enjoy high-quality products. Even after work, it helps not to go home straight away, but first of all to enjoy how the day's stress evaporates.

Bistronomy is able to create the place where we can get rid of the tension and then look forward even more to starting the free time that arises after work.

Early birds enjoy the tranquility in the bistro even before the hustle and bustle of the day starts. If you enjoy the first coffee of the day and a piece of pastry here, your thoughts become clear and look forward to what the day may bring.

Musicians and lovers at the bistro table

A bistro tradition is emerging and could become firmly anchored in people's minds

In this country, the bistronomy tradition is not as old as it is in some other European countries. However, such a tradition can arise when people identify with the localities and like to spend their time here.

Traditions arise especially where people have positive feelings and where they identify with a place, an object or another person. This also distinguishes bistros from canteens or large restaurant chains.

In bistros, things are more contemplative, cozy and, above all, more personal. From our point of view, the emergence of a bistronomy tradition doesn't really depend on how long these places have been an integral part of society. It is much more important how much people accept it and understand it as a place that is individual and creates a break from the stress of everyday life. If this succeeds, a kind of tradition can have emerged within a few years, because in this case the bistros have firmly anchored themselves in people's consciousness.

Bistros want to make a contribution to this and guarantee that mass processing and a lack of individuality will not find a place. Instead, the concern is to give every customer the chance to have a special and relaxing time that lets them forget the stress.

Musician runs between bistro tables

The bistro trend shows a new feeling for quality of life and short breaks in everyday life

The issue of the so-called work-life balance is moving more and more into the center of society.

We believe that it is our legitimate claim to have a good balance in life and to be able to de-stress ourselves again and again. Not only the annual holidays or the weekends, if they are free from work and appointments, are there for our relaxation, but also short phases during the day that give us the opportunity to simply let our thoughts wander.

This is possible with the bistronomy trend insofar as we can also combine the break with culinary enjoyment. Good food and a good drink are catalysts for our relaxation and satisfaction.

Enjoying these things in a relaxed and lovingly designed setting creates an ideal situation.

The bistro has focused precisely on this: giving people culinary pleasure and giving them the opportunity to switch off from stress.

The personal contact is not neglected and if you want to talk to other visitors or the staff, you will always find a short, pleasant conversation that is not infrequently remembered during the day.

Women sit at the bistro table

The bistro is becoming more diverse and offers possibilities for many different occasions

Just as there is a great variety in restaurants, the area of ​​bistronomy is also becoming larger and more diverse. If more opportunities arise for customers, then bistronomy is also more and more firmly anchored in society.

The companies should have it in common that attention is paid to quality, a personal relationship and a loving design of the room. Whether at breakfast, during the lunch break, with a short afternoon coffee or before going home in the evening: the bistro trend provides opportunities to have a good time at all times and on a wide variety of occasions.

Visiting a bistro is of course completely varied and free, not only during the daytime, but also during the occasion. Negotiations can be held here and at the same time the place is suitable for a meeting between friends who just want to have a good conversation with each other. Visiting with children, who will certainly enjoy the delicacies on offer, is absolutely suitable and offers variety in everyday life.

To be less forced than in the restaurant and to enjoy the variety of the offer: The bistronomy seems to have a great future and to be able to create an appropriate offer for all people in society.


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